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our topic is all about ” 2015 Toshiba Accounting Scandal “, and we’re a group of 5 students and we divided the tasks onto us, each one will talk about 1 thing related to the subject:

1- What happened 

2- What if it didn’t happen 

3- Who is affected 

2- What if it happened  again 

5- The reason. 

to me, i choosed only to talk about number 3 which is who is affected. 

so all i wanted from you just to talk about  “Who is affected from 2015 Toshiba Accounting Scandal ” please. 

the assignment as the teacher said must be plagiarism free, one or a half page report, and could you please make it easy to understand because i’ll discuss what will be in the report that you’ll do. and i reallly reallly appreciate your time, that’s it, thanks.  

note* the attachment i uploaded is just about the assignment requirement and as i said each group in the class should choose one topic and we choosed 2015 toshiba accounting scandal. 

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