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consider your workplace. What conflict—past or present—have you witnessed in your organization? Use your research to develop the steps you would take in order to resolve this conflict. In your discussion, be sure to include these steps:

  1. Describe the situation and the nature of the conflict.
  2. Explain what will happen if you do not attempt to solve the conflict.
  3. Explain the intervention meeting you would plan when you bring the two parties having the conflict together.
  4. Construct the messages you will convey to both parties experiencing the conflict.
  5. Set a goal for a successful outcome of the meeting.
  6. Develop plans to get closure on the conflict.

What a great opportunity you have before you which has the potential to improve the lives of the individuals experiencing the conflict and the overall health of the organization! cite your sources in your work and provide references for the citations in APA format.

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