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Your team has been hired to create a �modern� virtual collaborative environment for a multinational corporation. You are shown a conference room that has a 10-year-old speakerphone in the middle of a conference table and a video projector hanging from the ceiling point to a white board. You are also told that there are three other conference rooms identical to this, each in a different country. Your assignment is to design a modern collaborative conference room, and to recommend laptops and software for individuals that enable effective daily collaboration. I have to complete this portion: Create a list of documents that need to be created so that the procedures for operating the new equipment are understood by all users. These are the things we decided to use: https://downloads.smarttech.com/media/sitecore/en/pdf/products/ifp/ed-ifp7000-factsheet-en.pdf http:// I have also e-mailed a file of the software we will use. 

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