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Project Milestone 2: Network Requirements 1

Submision: Network Requirements1 due by end of Week 3 

You may begin to work on Sections 2 (physical layer) and 3 (data link layer) of the Network Design 1 template in Week 2 itself, but they are not due until the end of Week 3.

  • Please use the Network Requirements 1/Milestone 2 page of the project submission template and save it as a word document file called: MIS589_Lastname_Firstname_Project.docx.
  • Milestone 2/Network Requirements 1 is due by end of Week 3.
  • Please submit the entire project document (including all milestones completed so far) in the Dropbox for Week 3.

I. Network Requirements 1 Guidance 

2. Physical Layer Requirements

You need to identify at least one physical medium for any LAN and one physical medium for any WAN in your proposed network. Please refer to Section 3.3 of the textbook for a comparative analysis of different physical media types. Please use Section 2.a of the Network Requirements 1 template to identify the geographical extent of the network and transmissions speed required (LAN or WAN). You only need to identify distances, such as office, campus or wide area distances. As for speeds, please do research on the bits per second transmission speeds for different media types and use an approximate range.

In Section 2.a, explain how you compared various media types and how did you decide on your choice of media type. In Section 2.b, you need to briefly compare the cost of various physical media types for your network, and explain which one you would choose for your network. Please keep in mind the bushiness and performance objectives of your service you described in your proposal, and make sure your choice of physical media is consistent with your objectives. In Section 2, please summarize your choice for physical media in fewer than 100 words.

3. Data Link Layer Considerations 

In Section 3, you will explain the role of the data link layer in your proposed network in not exceeding 150 words. More specifically, you will explain two main factors that are commonly considered.

1) The need for medium access control: Will there be contention for physical media in your network, and if so, give examples of where it is possible in your network.

2) Will you require error control in your data link layer? How error prone is your medium? What are some of the links in your network that will require a good error control mechanism?

4. Network Design

Network design is a cyclical process in which you iterate and detail the specifications of your network requirements several times. Please revisit your proposal document and use the preliminary requirements to identify the network architecture components as given Figure 6-1 of the textbook. In Section 4 of the template, you will identify the key network architecture components.

Identify the LAN or access network within your proposed network. Identify the key components in the LAN. Is your LAN all within one location, or is it spread out in multiple locations? Do you have a campus with multiple LANs? Do you have a data center LAN or an e-commerce LAN in your network? Do the clients need to be within a  LAN to access your applications? After you identify all possible LANs, list the characteristics of all the LANs you have in your network. You may not have all the LANs listed in Figure 6-1, and you may even consider LANs in the client locations (not listed in the figure). Identify the topology and components that are possible in your LAN.

Identify the enterprise edge components in your network. Do you have to connect multiple campus locations, and if that’s the case, you may subscribe to a WAN service. WAN is optional depending on your proposed network needs. In most cases, your network may have access to Internet from a service provider. Your network should have at least one enterprise edge component depicted in Figure 6-1. Once you identify your network edge, write about the characteristics and components (devices and services) required at the network edge. At this point, you only need to do a preliminary analysis of the network edge. We will cover the details in the upcoming weeks.

If your network involves a campus backbone, identify the characteristics and requirements of the backbone network.

Attach a diagram with the submission template if possible.

5. Network Layer

In Section 5 of the template, explain the role of routers in your proposed network. Depending on your service, you may require a router to connect different subnets (LANs, backbones, and edge networks) within your network. Identify some of the likely subnets. Also, explain why you need an IP address in your network. Explain the role of DNS in your network. If your service requires some sort of Internet connectivity, you may use a gateway router. Explain briefly how a gateway router works.

II. Grading Rubric: Milestone 2—Network Requirements 1 (60 points)

  1. Summary of physical media and network design for the proposed service (200 words max) (5 points)
  2. Physical media selection: 2.a physical media consideration: types of network and transmission distances (5 points); 2.b physical media consideration: cost (5 points)
  3. Medium access (10 points)
  4. Network design (20 points) 
  5. Network layer (10 points)


Quality work, editing, and clear language (5 points)

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