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part a.) A student needs 155 mL of 2.9M HCl solution for an experiment. What volume (in mL) of 10M HCl would need to be diluted to make the desired solution?

part b.) Calcium carbonate, also known as limestone, ia decomposed by heating into calcium oxide and carbon dioxide. A sample of calcium carbonate is decomposed and the CO2 is collected in a 0.15L flask at 72 degrees celcius, the CO2 collected was found to have a pressure of 1.3 atm. How many moles of CO2 were collected?

part c.) what would be the new boiling point of a solution made from 2.3 moles of NaCl and 1.1kg of water?

part d.) a solution is made by dissolving 144g of NaCl in 954mL of water. what is the molality of the solution?

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