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A control survey providing two control points of x, y, and z coordinates within a line of sight of each other, will allow a construction surveyor to:establish reference for construction control in the vertical plane.establish reference for both horizontal and vertical construction control.establish necessary angles for construction control.install benchmarks for use in horizontal construction control. 

A construction surveyor using a total station to verify a coordinate point of a building corner location encounters a problem. He cannot view the exact location of the hub and tack due to approximately two to three feet of relief from the surrounding terrain. If he forgot his rod and prism, what other device could be used to get the shot for horizontal alignment?a steel tapea fiberglass roda hand levela plumb bob 

When setting up a theodolite or transit with an optical plumb over a control point, the first means of leveling the instrument after the leg bottoms are sturdily set is:by adjusting the instrument leveling screws.by adjusting the tripod legs up or down.by moving the leg bottoms to a better position.by shimming the leveling screws with a coin. 

A total station is the preferred instrument for construction surveyors because of:its ability to measure horizontal and vertical angles as well as distance.its cost relative to a theodolite.its light weight aerodynamic design.its GPS capabilities. 

The result of a control survey for a construction project must include:a baseline with three points forming a right triangle.a closed traverse of the property boundary.at least two control points with northing, easting, and elevation values within a line of sight of each other.at least one benchmark with coordinate values and an assigned elevation. 

When installing line and grade for the construction of a highway, after the initial layout of the centerline stations and marked with elevation cut and fill, it is most essential to install:offset stakes just outside construction disturbance.grade transfer stakes at the road edge line.horizontal curve tangent points.culvert starting point and ending point stakes. 

What would the invert elevation of a storm sewer pipe be at a distance of 90 feet down gradient of manhole A, with invert elevation out equal to 521.31, if manhole B invert elevation in is 518.76, and manhole B is located 210 feet from manhole A?520.88519.85520.22524.7 

The foundation outside wall lines for building construction are referenced with offset batter boards and string-lines pulled in alignment with the outside wall line of the foundation because:buildings are always constructed parallel to the property boundary.batter boards are easier to install than corner points.a column line would more than likely be moved during the construction process.the exact corner points used to install the offsets are inevitably disturbed during construction of the foundation

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