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Chapter Activity #1: Injuries on the JobApproximately 14.5% of all fireground injuries are categorized as wounds, cuts, bleeding, or bruises (Karter, 2012, p. 1). Because there are a large number of injuries in this category, a program could be initiated to prevent these injuries. Training and education would be a part of the overall plan, but the department’s officers would also want to be sure that all members are wearing all their safety equipment and following SOPs.One important item for the prevention of cuts, wounds, burns, and other injuries of the hand is the use of issued firefighter safety gloves. If a safety officer receives an injury report of a cut to the palm of the hand from a firefighter, he or she would want to examine the glove of the hand that was cut. It should have an identical cut and blood around the cut in the glove. Without the matching cut in the glove, it could be inferred that the firefighter was not wearing gloves when the injury occurred, and corrective action should be taken. There may be times when there is a suspicion that cannot be proved. Even in these cases, if the members know the administration is checking, they are more likely to wear all their personal protective clothing in the future. the answer should be two or three sentence.Discussion Questions:1. Is it fair to check up on the firefighters?2. Would it be appropriate to have the firefighter use his or her own health insurance rather than the jurisdiction’s worker’s compensation if the firefighter was careless or neglected to follow safety SOPs or wear safety equipment?

3. Is this an example of managing by walking around? If yes, are there other actions that could be taken using managing by walking around that would prevent injuries?

4. How could the administration be assured that all firefighters know the safety SOPs, including the use of safety equipment?

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