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In this assignment students will practice inheritance and polymorphism in C++.


Class Programming: Given an object-based entity with specific functionality, students should be able to create an equivalent C++ class to represent it.


  1. Add to class patientType the date when the patient was admitted in the hospital, and the date when the patient was discharged from the hospital (Use the class Date class you wrote in the prelab) to store admit date, discharge date. Modify constructors and add member functions to initialize access, and manipulate the new added data members.
  2. In main(), create a vector of pointers to type TeamPerson. Fill it up with at least three objects. One of TeamPerson, one of doctorType and one of patientType.
  3. Print all the data of the three objects of the vector. Make sure each object is printed according to its print function.


Total: 18 pts

  1. Question 1: 8 pts
  2. Question 2: 5 pts
  3. Question 3: 5 pts

Please follow the program documentation and submission guidelines to earn full credit.


ZIP YOUR PROJECT (.sln included) in a folder, call it “Lab9” and upload it on Canvas under “Lab 9”. Make sure that your submission was successful. You can upload as many times as you like on Canvas, however only the second submission will be graded. Make sure to read the syllabus for more details about labs submission and late submission.

Honor code

 “I pledge on my honor that I have not given or received any unauthorized assistance on this assignment/examination

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