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Career Options

When most people think of the careers in education, they default to a classroom teacher.  In the past decade, the education arena has broadened to offer a wide array of career opportunities.

Use the World Wide Web to research career options within the education arena.  Consider these three things:

·         The “WHY”

·         How the “Six Pillars of Character .” come into play as educators relate to their students SEE ATTACHED FILE ON SIX PILLARS

·         The education level which interests you ( elementary)

  • Other than classroom teacher, identify one alternate career path which might interest you. MY ALTERNATE CAREER WOULD BE SCHOOL COUNSELOR

As you share your findings include the following:      

·         A description of the position (SCHOOL COUNSELOR) and its duties.

·         Where would one expect to work if employed in this position?

·         The minimum level of education required to serve in that position.

·         The skills and experience required to serve in that position.

·         The salary range advertised for the position.

Section 2

Now that you have researched careers in the education field and you have identified one that appeals to you.  Please share with us the level of education in which you are most interested in serving elementary is the education I want to teach(Kindergarten)

·       Why does this level of education appeal to you?

·         What personal qualities do you possess that will help you be successful in this levelof service?

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