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Get started today. Please post your response into this discussion by Friday.Congratulations, your rough draft is now complete! This week, you will work on bringing all parts of your essay (introduction, 3 body paragraphs and conclusion) together into a whole and comprehensive final version. Throughout the course of this week, you should be revising your essay based on the feedback that you have received from your instructor in previous assignments and on insight gained from your own critical assessment of your draft. Primary Discussion ResponseEach of your paragraphs will benefit from additional development. In some cases, you will need to revise in terms of the content (the organization of your argument, the number and kind of examples you use, etc.). In other cases, your revision will be more focused on the writing itself (working to make sure that each sentence is clear and concise, proofreading to catch errors, etc.). This discussion will give you the chance to reflect on the revision process, detailing which changes you have made so far, and which parts you would still like help with. In the discussion area, post the following:

  • Post a 1-paragraph reflection on how your revision process has progressed so far. 
  • Be sure to include a description of what sort of changes you have focused on (content, writing, or both) and how these changes have increased the power of your writing. 
  • Remember to describe any difficulties you have run into as part of the revision process.  
  • Include a list of any questions (in bullet form) that you have about the revision process or any areas that you feel still need to be strengthened in your essay. Ask your peers for suggestions and guidance.

Peer Responses

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