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This week, we examined “where projects come from”: why and how projects are selected during the project initiation phase. We focused specifically on business requirements and how to research and write a solid business case for a proposed project.

Now, let’s apply those concepts to a group case study project. For our first discussion board, read the “Rosa County” case study that is included in this week’s reading materials. Once you’ve read the case study, use this discussion board to post your answers to the questions below:

1. Of the “common strategic considerations” (reasons to start a project) identified in this week’s lecture materials (market demand, customer request, legal requirement, etc.) which one(s) do you think most apply to the Rosa County project? Why do you think so?

2. Write (at least) one formal business requirement for this case study. Hint: try using the “…requires the capability to…” phrase discussed in this week’s lecture. Your business requirement should NOT name a specific solution, i.e. it shouldn’t mention “an emergency response system” or “911 call system”. Answer the bigger question: why do we need such a system? What does having such a system give us?

3. Consider the feasibility, costs, benefits, and risks associated with this project. If you were writing a business case for this project, would you recommend initiating it? Why or why not?

400 words and at least 1 reference! The reading material is on the following file that I’ve attached! Please follow my requirement and on time! 

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