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What are the various ways of assessing the curriculum itself? Is assessment of the curriculum synonymous with an assessment of students’ learning? How much alignment exists between the standards and the lesson objectives and ultimately assessed student learning outcomes? 

* Study a couple of assessment designs such as Universal Design (UDL), Problem-based learning (PBL, Opportunity by Design (Carnegie).

*What are preferred and stipulated assessments for any of these curriculum? Common Core ; Ohio New Learning Standards; ESL, Others (Think about the documents you reviewed and analyzed).

*Complete Paper 3. Length: 2 pages. 

Paper Prompts: Select only one prompt.

3. School reform and curriculum reform are related to a certain extent. Explain. In that regard, who should be involved in curriculum reform, why, and how should they be involved?  [Hint: Remember all the discussions in Unit 2! Now is your chance to show what should be ideal and what is not happening but should be.]

In each of these, consider and include arguments about perspective (such as Manifest Destiny), indoctrination, society, learners, knowledge, social influences, culturally relevant pedagogy, or questions about the Common Core Standards assessment- PARRC. 

Use at least three resources in your paper. The suggested length: 2 pages.

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