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The most commonly used are in, on, and at.
See the explanation for further information and sample sentences.

As I told my students, to easily remember prepositions, just look at the root word “position/s.” That is a reminder that the basic information about this part of speech is the “position of things” or locators in place and time.


  1. I will just visit her in May.
  2. Their house is located above the river. (Don’t misuse above with over.)
  3. She studied at Harvard University.
  4. Get your things inside that drawer.
  5. I will go to the cinema next week.
  6. Helen hides beneath the blankets.
  7. Joy places her shoes under the table.
  8. The picture frame is located below the clock.
  9. See you at exactly 4:30 pm.
  10. They will be celebrating their anniversary on June 25, 2016.

Some of the commonly used prepositions are *before. after, until, over, throughout, through,underneath, along, across, for, from, between, during, into, and onto. *

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