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Instructions: Questions one and two have a word limitation of no more than 500 words per response. Question three has a word limitation of not more than 1,000 words.Question One:How do managers become leaders? How do they shift from leading a function to leading an enterprise and for the first time taking responsibility for P&L and oversight of executives across corporate functions? Question Two:Globalization, new technologies and changes in how companies create value and interact with customers have reduced the command and control approach to management. The top down approach of leadership is no longer considered by some experts to be a valid model. What model will take the place of the top down approach? Please explain.Question Three:Develop a model leader. You have been retained as a consultant by the Chairman of Apple Computer Corporation to develop a model leader profile for its next CEO. The current CEO is now 64 years of age and the corporation has a long standing policy that the CEO must retire upon reaching the age of 65. The Chair has no preconceived ideas of the skill sets necessary for the next CEO. The past two CEOs have done a great job of moving the company forward.

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