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For this assignment, I need milestone 1 and 3 completed. I have completed milestone 2. Please outline which milestone is which. I have provided details for the references. Both milestones should only consist of 6 pages a piece, a total of 5 pages.

When using references, please provide the entire source of the references as listed below as this will make it easier for me to format the reference page per APA guidelines.

If a website is utilized, please provide the authors (if any), document title or name of web page, organization or website name, date of last update, website address.

If using a journal, please provide the author, article title, date of publication, journal title, volume number, issue number, and article pages. If this journal is an online journal, please provide the DOI and the journal website.

If using a book, please provide the author, the book title, year of publication, city of publication, state of publication, publisher, and edition if any.

If using a podcast, please provide the presenter, podcast title, program title, organization presenting the podcast, podcast release date, podcast type (audio or video), and the podcast website address. 

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