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APA, 200 words each Minumum

#1 Pat is a passive communicator and uses passive negotiation strategies in all situations. This has started to become a problem at work, and you have been charged with teaching Pat how to become a more effective aggressive communicator. What steps will you take to help Pat learn to negotiate aggressively? What situations are more appropriate for this type of negotiation? Explain the benefits that Pat might realize by being more aggressive in the negotiation process.

#2 Do you believe that successful people self-monitor more or less than people who are less successful? Do self-monitoring patterns change in personal vs. professional situations? Do those who successfully self-monitor have an advantage in a negotiation or dispute resolution? Support your answer with examples and references.

#3 Do you think that nonverbal behavior is culturally universal, meaning it can transcend differences? Choose a side, and support your argument.

#4 What role does passive listening play in negotiation? Give an example of a situation where passive listening would be more appropriate than active or attentive listening. Provide a rationale for your response. 

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