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For this week’s discussion, I want everyone to put their thinking caps on and give me two examples of public speaking that you see every day. One example to get you started is a news anchor.  Like us these speakers present without being able to see their audience. Other examples can include your waiter at a restaurant because they may try to convince you to try a new item on the menu or special for that week, that’s using public speaking. The ideas are endless!

Make your examples specific (give names and where you’ve seen these speakers, etc.). What makes your examples unique? What kind of public speaking skills (such as gestures or vocal delivery) impresses you about the speaker or what turns you away? What can you tell us about the speaker’s style? Intonation? Language and expressions? Give us your thoughts!

In your initial post…

In approximately 150 words give two examples of an everyday speaker. Do your best not to duplicate another peer’s examples. You can do this by being specific (names or where you’ve seen them, etc.). If you do have similar examples try and think of other observations of their public speaking skills that impress or turn you away.

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