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Please read all the requirement, and do not plagiarism, less grammar errors, be creative, organize, and good content. You can use simple words but it need to be very clear and understandable.NO plagiarism, 

dont need to be perfect but must follow all the rules.

Read the case study, and answer the questions:(Need to be >=600 words, and can be less than 1000 words)

1. Was it a good time for Sun Life Financial to pursue China market? Why?

         Note you could analyze the following questions using PEST and Porter’s Industry Analysis Framework as guidelines. A good analysis should answer the following three sub-questions: (1) Is China a strategically important market and why? What are the potential opportunities and threats/costs? (2) Does Sun Life Financial has internal capability to exploit the opportunities and overcome the threats/entry barriers? Why? (3) Overall, what are the pros and cons of entering China?

2. Why did Sun Life Financial choose Everbright Group to be their partner?

3. If you were Ohannessian, which city would you choose? Why? Specify your criteria to evaluate which city to choose? 

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