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write one page. 

Please choose a total of four to five questions from two sets of questions: general questions listed in “Case&PaperGuideline” and case specific questions listed below. You don’t have to answer ALL the questions listed. You can write one short paragraph for each question, or use bullet points.

Discussion questions for Case Starbucks and Chapter 7 Merger and Acquisition Strategies:

1. What are the major Reasons/benefits of Starbucks’ acquisition of Evolutions Fresh Juice, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Bay Bread, Tazo, Teavana, etc.? Gaining market power against suppliers and distributors/customers? Changing competitive scope? Learning new capabilities? Overcome entry barriers? Others?   

2. How can Starbucks increase value through the acquisitions? Economy of scope (shared activity or corporate level core competency)? Market power? Financial economy?

3. What are the external and internal risk factors preventing Starbucks from realizing the benefit of the acquisitions? You can also think of organizational and financial reasons and the consequences.

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