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Read PDF file part 1 and part 2 in the attached files. Then write a respond for the discussion question below. the respond should be no less that 500 word.  

DISCUSSION QUESTION & ‘RESPONSE’ TOPIC #3: Euthyphro thought he was doing something pious by bringing the charge of murder against his father for killing a servant. Socrates wanted to make sure (a) that Euthyphro knew precisely what piety or impiety is, and (b) that his action of prosecuting his father for murder is in fact a pious act. (1) Explain CLEARLY how Socrates did (a) and (b). (2) Read carefully to understand and then explain CLEARLY the circumstances surrounding the death of the servant. (3) Then explain whether or not what Euthyphro’s father did was truly premeditated murder or negligent homicide. Do the relevant research to understand the difference between ‘premeditated murder’ and ‘negligent homicide’. (4) Do you think Euthyphro’s father would be found guilty today for premeditated murder? Give reasons for your answer based on the circumstances surrounding the death of the servant.

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