History of South Asia Essay

Write approximately 4 pages for each of the following 2 prompts, for a total of 8 pages. Formulate a thesis for each question and use evidence (all articles will be provided and no outside sources should be used for this essay) to support your argument. The questions should guide you to formulate a thesis on the historical subject being discussed. You do not have to answer each and every question I ask below. You do not have to answer each and every question asked below- they are there to guide you.

How would you describe the political and cultural landscape introduced by the Delhi Sultanate and their successors (such as the Deccan Sultanate to the Mughals) in northern India and south India? For example, what was the world described by Ibn Battuta of How did Perso-Arabic culture impact the Vijayanagra court in the South? You may also discuss the Mughal court in the North. What changes were introduced by the Mughals in terms of language, culture and religious practices? Discuss broad changes but do pay attention to details (names, dates, places, etc).
Compare the empire of the Mauryas (under Asoka), the Mughal Empire and the British Empire. Choose two Empire to compare and contrast. Are there any similarities between the three empires? What are the differences in terms of political rule., imperial control, culture, diversity and tolerance? Please describe in detail the three empires. For the Mauryas you may focus on Asoka and for the Mughals you may focus on Akbar, Shah Jahan or Aurangzeb. For the British you may discuss the English East India Company and its dealings with Indian rulers in the 1st century of its rule, the different governor-generals and ultimately the kind of rule the British set in the early decades of their rule.

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