historical argument

Select one of the chapters (or subject headings within chapters when appropriate) of primary source materials from Bloom and Breines, eds., Takin it to the Streets, eg, Civil Rights The Student Movement and the New Left Vietnam and the Antiwar Movement, The Women’s Liberation Movement, etc. Write a paper analyzing those primary sources with reference to one or more of the historical interpretations from Farber’s, The Sixties collection or from Long Time Gone.

You may argue that these primary sources serve as a good illustration of the thesis of one of the articles, or you may contend that the primary sources contradict the premise of that article, or you may posit that the primary source materials constitute evidence that suggest some modification of a particular argument or interpretation. Whatever your approach, your paper must have a specific historical argument and point of view that is rooted in the evidence of the primary source materials in Taking it to the Streets. The guts of the most successful papers will consist of close readings and interpretations of the actual language of the primary source materials. Do not just summarize!

1) In Text Citation– After a direct quote from a primary source or ideas not quoted but drawn directly from that source, or after ideas and insights drawn from the secondary sources, you should include an in text citation, e.gs, (Port Huron Statement 23) ; (Savio 45) ; (Lipsitz 137)

You should view these In Text Citations as a promise to your reader that you will provide fuller bibliographic information later on, in your Works Cited Page.

2) Works Cited Page This is separate page at the end of your paper that provides full bibliographic information in an alphabetical list of all works consulted, primary and secondary. The format for historical writing is Chicago Manual of Style ”don’t worry, its nothing more than the following formula:

Author, full title (including subtitle), publication info, page range.


Ann Moody, The Jackson Sit-In, in eds. Alexander Bloom and Wini Breines, Takin It To the Streets: A Sixties Reader, (New York: Oxford University Press, 2003) 18-21.

No More Miss America, in eds. Alexander Bloom and Wini Breines, Taking It To the Streets: A Sixties Reader, (New York: Oxford University Press, 2003) 404-406.

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