English 603-101-MQ Introduction to College English
Essay #2 assignment Length: 750-1000 words 20%

? 40% content
? 30% organization
? 30% expression (grammar, etc)

Technical points:
? Proper paragraphing and sentence structure is expected.
? Quotes should be followed with the proper textual citation ? in brackets, author and page number. Ex: ?I hadn?t, but?? (Carver, 23).
? Essays are expected to include an introduction, as well as a conclusion.
? Some use of direct quotation is required.
? Essays require a clear thesis statement backed up throughout the essay by references to the text.
? Papers more than 10% over the max, or 10% under the minimum will be penalized.
? Essays are to be typed and submitted via
? Essay outlines are due in class, on the last day of class.

? Choose one of The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World, Variations on the Death of Trotsky or A Coyote Columbus Story, and explore a theme related to storytelling. Consider the literary devices used by the author to further this idea about the importance of stories.
o Alternative option: You may compare and contrast two. I will expect a slightly longer paper (minimum 1000 words).

? Choose one of Monster, Prey, or Greasy Lake and describe how the author creates a very specific tone in his/her work. Describe this tone, show it in effect, and explore how it plays to a larger theme/purpose in the text.

? What does The Caretaker have to say about living with a difficult past? Explore a theme related to personal history in the text, touching on other literary devices throughout the text.
? As always, you may propose another topic. I?m expecting something to do with a major theme. In addition, you may consider writing about Slade House, if you didn?t for the first paper.

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