Government interventions Essay

Part A

Summarise (briefly outline the main features/arguments) of two government interventions (ie. NT Intervention/Stronger Futures) or initiatives (ie. Closing the Gap) which are related to the topics you wrote about in your Report.

e.g.1 Closing the Gap ���Education: explain that the following areas are targeted and outline the government reasoning why these are important: school attendance; literacy and numeracy; year 12 attainment.

e.g.2 Closing the Gap ��� Infant mortality ��� what is the target and the reasoning behind it?

Part B (suggested words: 300)

Using academic readings as evidence, analyse the effectiveness of the intervention/initiative ��� does it work ��� why? Does it not work ��� why not?

e.g. Closing the Gap ��� Education ��� target for Year 12 attainment is on track. But the gap is still present between regional/remote and metropolitan areas. The 2016 report states that ���scholarships and mentoring support students from remote areas to move away to complete their secondary studies���.

e.g.2 Infant mortality ��� how can this be achieved when remote Indigenous communities are living in third world conditions?


Why? What other ways are there that would be socially just and human-rights based?

Then write���.

Part C (400 words)

Develop two recommendations (200 words) based on what you wrote in your report and what you can see the government has implemented referring to what you have learned about social justice and human rights. This must be supported by evidence ��� ie. Refer to the United Nations framework including the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (links back to module 2).

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