Gloria Anzaldua and Chela Sandoval Questions

Please type brief answers to the questions below. Each question in this section is worth 8pts.

1. What does Anzaldua mean when she says Chicanos are “originally and secondarily indigenous to the Southwest.??(pg. 27)

2.When did the original peopling of the Americas occur according to Anzaldua?

3.Who were these people originally inhabiting the Americas for Anzaldua and how did they get to the Americas according to Anzaldua?

4. In chapter 1 Anzaldua tells of the story of a man who gets deported. What contradiction does she reveal about the way immigration is approached in the U.S.?

5. Chela Sandoval claims social movements have a tendency to break up due to internal divisions. She offer the notion of differential consciousness as a remedy to this problem. Briefly explain in simple terms how differential consciousness addresses the problem with social movements according to Sandoval.

Part II: Charles Mills Questions (60 points)

In this part of the assignment you will write short essay answers to the questions below. Do not go over 3 pgs. in this part. It is to be double-spaced, following the standard format of 12 pt. font, Times New Roman, and one inch margins. Please write clear, non-repetitive, succinct answers to the questions below. Make sure you answer every part of a question so you do not lose points. The final is due as a hardcopy on the last day of class December 7, 2016. Late papers will drop 5 points per day. Good luck!

If you have written beyond the 3pg. limit there are some things you can do to trim it: (a) read it aloud (i.e. yourself or someone else) (b) delete extra words/phrases that do not work to help express what you want to say (c) look for repetitive sentences and delete them. The maximum points you can earn on the final are 100 points. The questions are below (notice question 1 is composed of 5 parts and questions 2 is composed of 5 parts so each part is worth 6 pts.). Answer the questions in the order they are given and number the questions as given so the reader can easily identify which part of the question you are answering. For example ?(1a) For Mills?.space (1b) One objection against Mills?.?

1. Charles Mills makes the existential claim that white supremacy, both local and global, exists now and has existed for many years. This conclusion can be broken down into two distinct yet related claims:

(a) we have lived in a white supremacist society in the past

(b) we live in a white supremacist society today

For Mills our present condition is deeply tied to the past. So the truth of claim (b) is dependent on the truth of (a) for Mills. (1a)Unpack and explain how Charles Mills supports the connection between claims (a) and (b). In other words, show how the past (i.e. claim (a)) is tied to the present (i.e. claim (b)) according to Mills. (1b)Then raise only one objection against his existential argument. You must use an objection Mills brings up in his book not your own. (1c)Then present Mills response to the objection identified in the book. (1d)Then address the following question: Do you think Mills diminished the force of the objection? If yes or no briefly explain why. Please provide textual evidence where appropriate with parenthetical citation. No works cited is necessary for this assignment.

2. There are 2 ways of thinking about white supremacy: individualist and systemic. Charles Mills finds the first approach problematic and adopts the second. He makes a conceptual claims about how we should conceive of white supremacy, it goes as follows:

(c) white supremacy should be thought of as itself a political system

(2a)Briefly state and explain what Charles Mills means when he says white supremacy is a political system. In other words, explain what is ?political? about it and ?systemic? about it. In question 1 since Charles Mills claims white supremacy existed not just in the past but now then in addition to white supremacy being a political system, it is also a historical political system. So basically explain what Mills means when he claims white supremacy is a historical political system. (2b)Then raise only one objection against his argument for his conclusion(c)?which is a prescriptive claim about how we should conceive of certain existential facts. You must identify 1 objection raised in his book. (2c)Then present Mills response to the objection. Then address the following question (2d): Do you think Mills diminished the force of the objection? If yes or no explain why.

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