Final paper Overview/Rubric
Select a publicly-traded company to research. Publicly-traded because their financials will be available on the company website and/or SEC website . Examples might be a company that recently acquired another or went thru a merger. Follow criteria below in preparing your paper. Turn in the last night of class. A presentation for this paper is NOT required. Total length for your paper will typically be between four to six pages+, not including appendix and reference pages.
Turned in on time 5
APA formatting , cite references 5
Pick Two: Utilize any two of the following in your analysis include spreadsheet calculations as an appendix in the back of your report). Using more than two will be above & beyond!

? Demand function
? Supply function
? Elasticity
? Cross price elasticity
? Future Value or Net present value
? Four firm concentration ratio
? Rothschild index
? Lerner Index
? Nash equilibrium
? Game theory analysis 10
Introduction of your paper: Provide a high-level Porter?s Five Forces analysis and background of the company you have selected.

Main portion of your paper:
Focus on only ONE of the following areas to write your paper about:

? Firm Organization. How the company is organized vs the industry ? this would include a discussion of market structure and industry concentration.
? Pricing. Analyze pricing Strategies the Company is using. This may include a comparison of your company?s pricing strategies vs the industry.
? Game Theory . Use game theory analysis to analyze the company?s strategy or to analyze the company vs the industry in a recent decision that company has made (such as a merger or a pricing change). Note: we learn Game theory analysis much later in the course.

Tie your paper back to class discussions/readings from the textbook. Have a conclusion/summary paragraph to end your paper. 30
Your paper introduction may be several paragraphs and should provide a high level Porter?s Five forces analysis of your company.

This is the main portion of your paper. Utilize the section above (pick two) to support your writing of this section of your paper.

Firm organization. An example might be to select Apple (APPL) and discuss how the company is organized vs competitors which might include a discussion around their retail locations and strategy vs competitors and percent of market share ? with some analysis using the four-firm concentration ratio analysis and HHI.

Pricing. An example might be to select Amazon (AMZN) and discuss the company?s pricing strategies and then provide specific examples ? determine elasticity of a product or industry ; and cross price elasticity if a competitor?s product?s pricing goes up or down.

Game Theory. An example might be to select Nike, and conduct game theory analysis around a recent pricing change on a specific category of their product line. This may include a Lerner index analysis and would include identifying the Nash equilibrium.

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