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– little riding hood ? by charles parrault?
– the story of grandmother ? by paul delarue?
– little red cap ? by Jacob and Wilhelm grimm?
– the little governess ? by Katherine Mansfield?
– the company of wolves ? angela carter?
– Cinderella ? by anne sexton?
– the Cinderella or the little glass slipper ? by Charles parrault?
– cap o rushes ? by josef jecobs?
– the indian Cinderella ? by cyrus macmillan?
– when the clock strikes ? by Tanith lee?
– cinder ? by marissa meyer?
– sleeping beauty ? by Wilfred owen?
– sun moon and talia ? by giambattista basile?
– the sleeping beauty in the wood ? by Charles parrault?
– bier rose ? by Jacob and Wilhelm grimm?
– sleeping beauty and the airplane ? by Gabriel Garcia marquez?
– snow white ? by Jacob and Wilhelm grimm?
– jack and the beanstalk ? by joseph Jacobs?
– the enchanted bride groom
– beauty and the beast ? by madame leprince de Beaumont?
– the white cat ? by madame la comtesse ?
– bluebeard ? by Charles Perrault?
– the bloody chamber ? by angela carter?
– kissing the witch ? by emma Donoghue?

Essay Proposal
Literature has changed and authors began to play with the narrations or with the manner of presentation to grab the reader?s attention. It was in the literature before, e.g. ?Wuthering Heights? by Emily Bront? where a good idea of multiple narrative shifts was done really well, but it became more popular in many of the twentieth and twenty-first century’s works. Maybe, it is caused by changing the direction of art, but it happened and it is a fact. This allowed the readers to look at situations from a different point of view, to see the madness of the hero, and create a twisted plot.
To look at the situation from the other side. Yes, in modern literature, it is one of the most required techniques. We need to look through the problem and when we see it from both sides, it is easier to understand who is right and who is wrong; for example, the book of John Fowles ?The collector?. This book is bizarre and transparent at the same time (?Obsession?s Prisoners?). As it is written in the form of thoughts and diary of the main characters, who are described in captor-victim order, it becomes more difficult to understand who is right and who is wrong in that situation. This result is one of the most important in this sphere.
To show the madness of the hero. Sometimes, it is hard for the reader to reach the understanding of the madness of the main hero. The best way for the author to show this condition is to make narrative shifts in a plot. One of the most successful tales in that manner is ?The minds of Billy Milligan? by Daniel Keyes. The main idea is that there are 24 people inside his head, apart from himself. They are of different age, nationality, worldview, religion, skills and even orientation (?Book Review: The Minds Of Billy Milligan By Daniel Keyes ? Between The Covers?). The author is brilliant with his work, because you start to distinguish them right away, and then understand why the characters are doing all what they are. This book allows to see clearly the brilliant game of narrative shifts.
To make the plot more twisted. Different heroes with different minds and actions tell the story in turn and add something important to make the story complete. They must not be synchronized, which makes the narrative more complicated and multileveled. This description corresponds to the book ?The Girl on the Train? by Paula Hawkins. This novel is with three untrustworthy female narrators, whose thoughts and memories make the plot undivided (Rochlin). In this case, the tale reminds a puzzle, which needs to be done, and the reader is highly interested in solving it.
To sum up, the problem of the narrative shifts is important and relevant today. It has a lot of aspects and niceties, but if the author knows his job well, the result will be outstanding. In further research, one should continue the investigations further and develop the thoughts, given above, as this theme is interesting to explore.
Annotated Bibliography
“Obsession’s Prisoners”. Nytimes.com. N.p., 2016. http://www.nytimes.com/books/98/05/31/specials/fowles-collector.html
This article is about this book in general and tells about the features of the plot and vision of the author. It is interesting to read, because it directly opens the narrative problem without any unwanted reflections of the author.
“Book Review: The Minds Of Billy Milligan By Daniel Keyes – Between The Covers”. Between the Covers. N.p., 2016. http://btweenthecovers.com/2011/10/17/the-minds-of-billy-milligan/
In this work, we can find key moments of the book, not like plot twisters, but important for understanding facts. It contains the main information about the hero and his problems. As the hero makes main narrative shifts in the book, we can use this article to do some research in this sphere.
Rochlin, Margy. “?The Girl On The Train? Takes The Fast Track From Book To Screen”. Nytimes.com. N.p., 2016. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/02/movies/the-girl-on-the-train-book-movie-adaptation.html?_r=0
The main idea of this article is to show what an interesting narrative shifts had the author used, and now it would be a movie based on it. In other words, it is about a unique technique of puzzle-plot story, which makes the full book more twisted and complicated. Such a manner is also a manifestation of narrative shifts, so it is useful for further research.

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