ethical decisions

I also uploaded te rubric of what exactly is required with points for grade.
This week’s Assignment consists of viewing a scenario about Sandwich Blitz, Inc., reading an article about integrity in leadership as well as the assigned chapter readings , and writing a two-page double-spaced paper.
In this Assignment on describing the steps that you recommend Dalman take to make an ethical decision, you will engage in developing the following professional competency:
Problem solving and critical thinking by making ethical decisions to solve problems.
After completing the units reading and the practice Learning Activities, view the Video icon to witness and ethical dilemma faced by Dalman and the details for this Assignment. Then select the Rubric icon to read all the requirements for this week’s Assignment.
This Assignment addresses the following unit outcomes:
Identify how companies influence their ethics environment.
Discuss the process of making ethical decisions.
Understand corporate social responsibility and diversity in the modern workplace.

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