Econimic assigment

1)Provide an overview of the chosen economy

Production output performance analysis
1)Real GDP, Real GDP growth rate, Real GDP per capita analysis
2)Define and explain how each indicator above meansures performance of the economy
3)Describe and explain performance trends of the economy

4)Research and explain Government’s measures adopted to achive the production output performance.

Labour market analysis
1)Describe unemployment trends based on unemployment rates
2)Define unemployment and describe the typical types of unemployment in an economy.
3)Research and identify the types of unemployment in the chosen economy.
4)Research and explain Government’s measures adopted to achieve full employment.
(500 words)

Price level analysis
1)Describe the inflation trend based on inflation rate
2)Define inflation and describe the typical causes of inflation
3)Research and identify the causes(s) of inflation in the chosen economy
4)Research and explain Government’s measures to achieve stable price.
(500 words)

1)Summary of key highlights of the discussion.
(250 words)

@Minimum 10 reference APA

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