Doctor of Education Program

Application Essay for the Doctor of Education Program

��� Application Essay for admissions to the Doctor of Education Program
If you cannot fulfill meeting the requirements below, please don���t take this paper. It is important and must be well written and flow nicely.
I have a Master���s degree in Higher Education Leadership and a background in clinical instructor in the hospital for Ultrasound and X-ray students.
o Maximum of 1100 words
o Describe why you value the study and practice of transformative leadership, your leadership experiences, lessons learned from your leadership experience, focusing on questions that are worthy of further investigation. Please include academic and professional background that supports your candidacy to pursue this unique program of study and initial thoughts on the line of research and institutional context in which you wish to pursue or apply academic principles and concepts. This essay should follow APA format demonstrating academic writing including references to peer reviewed scholarly work.
o Your essay will be evaluated on the following criteria:
��� indications of leadership potential; desire for professional improvement and growth;
��� writing conveys excitement of learning and leading;
��� evidence of compatibility with the distance-learning format;
��� excellent command of the English language; writing is organized, cohesive, cogent, with
��� correct grammar and syntax;
��� evidence of thoughtfulness, creativity, and innovation;
��� evidence that the applicant is willing to apply new ideas and techniques.

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