Disparate Impact

Paper details:
Revisit your recommendation on screening processes to be certain that consideration of disparate impact has
been included in your statement. Make the edits directly in your Journal.
Happy Faces Child Care & Educational Services
Applicant Screening Statement
HAPPY FACES CHILD CARE & EDUCATIONAL SERVICES screen all potential employees due to the nature of our
business. Happy Faces is committed to hiring the best individuals to service of clients and their family?s needs to
the best of our ability. Our process helps to minimize risk to the clients, employees and Happy Faces.
Happy Faces has several different types of screening that could be also done randomly during active employment
with Happy Faces.
Employment includes the following:
Criminal Background checks
A basic verification includes a check of the National Sex Offender Registry and felony and misdemeanor conviction
records check in the applicant?s county or counties of residence.
Drug testing
All employees will be required to successfully completing drug test prior to beg??????inning employment and
may be requested to do random testing.
Physical examination
All employees are required to physical examination due to the nature of the job.
Reference checks
Happy Faces will conduct a reference review prior to extending an offer of employment. This process will apply to
all final candidates regardless of the position. This review is used to validate information on a candidate?s resume
and will add clarity to the interview process.Information gathered will include that pertaining to the quality and
quantity of work performed, attendance, education and other work?related information. Prospective employees will
be asked to supply at least three professional references. In addition, internal candidates will have their
performance management records reviewed and internal references will be required.The reference check will be
conducted in compliance with federal and state statutes, such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

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