Discussion 2: Current Event.

The Assignment:
? Create a presentation (PowerPoint, Prezi, Powtoon, etc.) about a recent criminal event or criminal
justice action (e.g., major court decision, policing activity) that relates to race and ethnicity that was
reported in one of the following major newspapers: the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the
Chicago Tribune, the Baltimore Sun, or the Washington Post.
? You must post your presentation or link to the presentation to the discussion 3 board. Please include
headings to help differentiate the sections
I. Title of Article, Source of Article, and proper APA citation of the article (APA should be at the end
of the presentation). You must provide a link to the article.

II. Summary of the Article.
Briefly give the facts of the article/case.
III. Define law-related terminology based on Maryland?s definition. Examples:
A. Murder
B. Criminal Negligence
IV. Charges and Outcome: Indicate whether the primary charges, are criminal or civil and the specific
charge. For example:
A. Criminal-Murder, Second degree. Guilty
B. Supreme Court Upheld Lower Court Decision
V. Explain why you chose this article and your reaction to the information. Take a position on the
issue contained in the article. How do you feel about this event? How does this event affect you?
VI. Explain how this issue impacts the criminal justice system and/or society
VII. Relate at least two criminological theories to the current event (if you selected a court case decision,
select theories that would relate to the issues in the court case).

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