Different kinds of coffee / sandwich

BRIE Model

Complete the BRIE Model based on the instructions provided below. By this point, you should have a clear idea of what your business plan topic will be, therefore perform the BRIE analysis on the business idea you will write a plan for this semester.
Topic for me Coffee and Sandwich shop

The BRIE model can help you assess and brainstorm four areas that must come together in order for small business success: boundary, resources, intention and exchange.
1. The first step in the BRIE model is Boundary. This refers to creating a place for your business. This means both as an actual location to do business as well as in the mind of the community. Write down the ways your business fulfils or will fulfill this step in your business plan under the heading Boundary. Some of the things you can do to complete this step are to set up a business banking account, register your business with your local governments, or rent commercial space to do business in. Other options are to print business cards with address and contact information, set up a website, or set up a dedicated telephone line for business use only.

Location/ Langley , OK.
Name of Busniess- Half Moon Coffee Shop
Bank – Bank of Oklahoma
Business cards- name of business / owner name/ address/ phone number

  1. The second step in the BRIE model is Resources. This refers to the money, product, knowledge or services that make up the business. Write down the ways your business fulfils this step under the heading Resources. Some of the things you can do to complete this step are to include the product or service you offer in your list, organizations or associations the business has memberships in, resources for small business information, or past work experience. You will also want to include the financial resources of the business, including checking and savings accounts, cash on hand, and any external financing or investors involved in the business.

Different kinds of coffee/sandwich (5)

  1. The third step in the BRIE model is Intention. This refers to the intent and desire to do business (which you may no have since this is an assignment, but humor me). So, you can write down under the heading Intention what specifically you want to do as a small business. Include the product or service you will provide, and specifics such as hours of operation, and whether it will be a brick and mortar location or an online endeavor.

  2. The fourth step in the BRIE model is Exchange. This refers to the exchange of resources, whether you are moving a product, or providing a service. They key here is that you are actually doing business, that means you are receiving money in exchange for an activity or item. Write down what you are providing, and what you are receiving under the heading of Exchange. If you do not have an existing business, you will want to list what you intend to exchange.

  3. The fifth and final step is to look at your lists. Consider them a self-assessment of your business activity as well as a checklist of things to do and things accomplished. As you look over the list, you may see areas that need improvement or fleshing out to be more viable. There is no right or wrong to the BRIE model, only knowing that without all four areas functioning, you are not doing business to your full potential. At a minimum, you need at least one action in each of the BRIE categories.
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