Critical Analysis in a Literature Review

DDBA – 8300 Week 2 Discussion Critical Analysis in a Literature Review

Post an evaluation of critical analysis within the context of a literature review, using your selected business research study as evidence for your assertions. Your evaluation should include the following:

· Briefly describe the study’s key components, such as purpose, problem, framework, and findings.

· Assess the study’s viability within a literature review, including characteristics like current knowledge, substantive data, and relevance. Be sure to include supportive examples.

· Explain how critical analysis of the literature on your topic (problem/phenomenon) can inform your view of the problem and your ultimate research philosophy. Be sure to include supportive examples.

Be sure to support your work with a minimum of two specific citations from this week’s Learning Resources and at least one additional scholarly source.

DDBA 8300 Week 2 Assignment: Conducting a Literature Review on a Research Problem Phenomenon

Submit a 4- to 5-page literature review in which you critically analyze and synthesize the six articles (three quantitative and three qualitative) related to your specific business problem. For each article, complete the following:

· Critical Analysis

o Identify the problem.

o Describe the major finding(s).

o Describe the strengths and weaknesses of the study.

· Synthesis

o Describe the placement of the research problem/phenomenon area.

o Explain the relationship of the study to existing literature.

Note: Be sure to use the APA Course Paper Template (6th ed.) to complete this Assignment. Also, refer to the Week 2 Assignment Rubric for specific grading elements and criteria. Your Instructor will use this rubric to assess your work.

Course : DDBA 8300 Qualitative and Quantitative Methodology for Applied Business Research

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