comparing the entire case to the Salem witch hunts in 1692

Mara Leveritt begins Devils Knot: The True Story of the West Memphis Three by comparing the entire case to the Salem witch hunts in 1692.  The question is did these men get convicted of murder simply through the accusations of children or a confession from a brow beaten mentally challenged teen?.  This source assumes that readers are looking for the truth which ever way it happens to turn up.  It appears that the Reason for writting this book is to look at the case from both sides of the case and put to rest arguments from both sides. In order to accomplish this purpose, the source appeals mainly to the facts in the case.  The source also appeals to the idea of an unbiased legal system.  Mara Leveritt addresses the idea that the men convicted are the real murderers.  She refutes this argument by simply presenting the facts in the case.  Finally, she concludes with a question Has justice been served and if so for whom? Overall, the source is effective because because it allows you to look at the facts presented and make up your own mind in the case.

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