Company Analysis

Assignment: Company Analysis

Word limit: 4000 words for final report.

Project Brief (the assignment)

You are a senior strategy analyst with a large Australian consulting company. Your company specialises in the analysis of performance of Australian mining companies and provides reports to various clients including investment/superannuation funds, industry analysts and recruitment specialists. Your current client requires you and your team to analyse and assess the situation and performance of any Australian mining company listed on the Australian stock exchange with the broad aim of answering the question for your client: “Is this a successful mining company?” This question may sound deceptively simple. However, in answering this question about a mining company you will need to decide and justify what you mean by “success” in the mining industry. You will also need to consider “success” in relation to achievement of the chosen company‟s objectives, successful implementation of strategies (both long term and short term), financial success, market success (such as major market share) and corporate social responsibility performance

Instructions are in the word file attached named ‘strategic management assignment details’
-Any mining company can be chosen from the ASX listing
-It is a formal written report and should have
a) cover page
b) table of contents
c) executive summary
d) brief introduction
e) body of report
f) conclusion
g) references
h) appendices

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