Classics English literature:Twilight Beauty and Genji

required text book: The Tale of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu (Royall Tyler, translator,deluxe edition. This short paper _ identify and analyze traits or factors (narrative instances or reports)in the characterization of the main characters in Ch.4 (Twilight Beauty and Genji, but do not neglect the Rokujo Lady [Haven] which suggest a decisive (even somewhat overworked) contrast between these characters "sensibilities" or degrees of awareness, etc. No research is require for or relevant to this paper and it should be based solely on our own attentive reading of the story. Please use sentence in Ch.4 with citation because my prof: assumes citation without attribution as plagiarism. This text book is only one of my studying for this semester and this is my first short paper. My english is not pretty well and so that simple sentence and clear writing is benefit for me. If you have any unclear questions ask to me, send my e-mail and i reply ASSP. Thank you very much.

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