How does Chopin use the symbol of the color of “white” in the story?

Part 1

This week’s literary club meeting discussion is about Kate Chopin’s “The Storm,” . To continue the exchange of ideas, each member will write a paper stating his or her interpretation and supporting position.

  • Write a 2–3 page position paper/persuasive essay using
    • proper APA citation standards.
    • academic writing method.
  • Choose 1 of the following questions to answer to develop a thesis statement. (Your answer to the question will be your thesis statement.):
    • How does Chopin use the symbol of the color of “white” in the story?
    • Can the description of the weather be a warning to the main character?
    • Do you think the storm is over or that a “storm” could be brewing later?
    • How can the title “the storm” be use as a metaphor for the theme?
  • Explain your reasoning/rationale for your interpretation.
  • Argue why your interpretation is convincing.
  • Support your position with solid arguments and cited evidence from the story itself.



Part 2

At your last literary club meeting, you are discussing how imagery assists poets in presenting their poems and themes.

Read the following poems:

  • “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost
  • “Swan and Shadow” by John Hollander
  • “Mother to Son “ by Langston Hughes
  • “As I walked out One Evening” by W.H. Auden
  • “Ethics” by Linda Pastan

Using all that you have learned thus far, complete the following:

  • Write 5 paragraphs explaining how these authors use imagery to advance their themes and narratives about life.
  • Support your position with both
  • academic arguments.
  • cited evidence from the poems themselves.
  • Include APA style in-text citations to document your evidence.

an APA style reference list.

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