The Final: Reflection on Revision and Recursivity

The Final exam for this course is a formal 2-3 page Reflection Essay in which you will consider the choices you made in your revision of Essay 2 to create your Essay 3. You will describe your writing and revision processes in detail using explicit examples from both essays and consider the ways in which your choices can be interpreted as a narrative that in some way reflects your progress as a writer over the course of the term.

The idea is to reflect on the revision component of the writing process, and how your view of revision may have changed, or how your view of yourself as a writer has changed, or how each of these may have evolved recursively over the term. This is your opportunity to show me via both structure and content what you?ve learned this semester and what you?re going to take away from this course?use this opportunity to tell your writing story.

I am your target audience for this assignment. Your evidence will come directly from your essays and your Student?s Guide.

Chapters 3, 4, 11, and 12 in your Student?s Guide will be especially useful as you complete this assignment and I expect to see you use some of the vocabulary found in these chapters. Please also review pp. 21-23 in your Student?s Guide and pp. 34-37 in RFW.

The writing process and the writing projects you?ve completed as part of your engagement with that process build upon concepts and principles from earlier stages of development. Reflect on the recursive nature of the writing process you?ve used for this course and the recursive nature of the writing strategies you?ve engaged with over the course of the semester.

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