Business Ethics Rubric

I will be looking for the following items in your Case Study Analysis.

I. Developing a Practical Ethical Viewpoint (Have you clearly picked and stated an Ethical Viewpoint) (You need to choose one for each case study)
A. Utilitarianism
B. Universal Ethics
C. Ethical Relativism
D. Virtue Ethics

II. To help you choose the ethical theory do the following (By looking at the moral situations):
A. Interpret what is right and wrong according to each of the four theories
B. Give an argument that each theory might provide
C. State your own assessment of the strengths of each theory

III. Find the Ethical Conflict (Develop questions to identify the ethical issues)
A. Is any party being exploited solely for the advantage of another?
1. Is there any lying?
2. Is anyone or party injured
3. Is there a deliberate falsification of information
4. Has there been a creation of unequal competition?
5. The above mentioned items are prohibitions(these are actions that you must refrain from doing)
B. Is every effort being made to assist and affirm the human dignity of all parties involved?
1. Is there encouragement of fulfillment of legal and human rights
2. Take personal responsibility for results
3. The above mentioned items are obligations(these are actions that you are required to do)
C. Anything that is not an obligation or a prohibition is a permission.(Permissions are actions that you may do if you choose)
D. Summary of finding the Ethical Conflict
1. List the professional practice issues at stake
2. Identify your practical ethical viewpoint including any linking principles
3. Determine which character?s perspective you will adopt
4. Identify two or more detection questions that define obligation and prohibition within the ethical theory you have chosen.
5. Apply the detection questions to the cases to bring attention to the ethical issues.
6. Discuss the interrelationships between the dictates of the ethical issues and those of the professional practice. How might they work together? How might they be opposed?

IV. Applying Ethical Issues
A. Thoughts on the position and Argument for the position (Brainstorm list)
B. Thoughts on the position and Argument against the position (Brainstorm list)
C. Compare the pivotal premises in those arguments using ethical consideration as part of the decision making matrix
D. Make a judgment on which course to take

V. Resolution?What is the best way to resolve this conflict (Do any or all of the following apply?)
A. Truth vs. loyalty (Is the truth best or is it better to be loyal)
B. Short term vs. Long term (Is this consequence a short term or long term consequence)
C. Justice vs. Mercy (Is this a case of dispensing justice or is this a case of dispensing mercy)
D. Individual vs. Community (Does your decision affect an individual or a community)

VI. Structuring the Essay
A. Executive Summary (Brief synopsis of your worldview position and ethical theory) (Heading)
B. Introduction (Case Study) (Heading)
C. Body of the Essay(Heading)
D. Conclusion (Heading)
E. Spelling and Mechanics/Citations
F. Page Requirements (seven to nine pages can be more than seven but not less than seven)

Please do the required pages which are seven to nine pages. You are allowed to pick any Thinking Critically exercise or Ethical Dilemma case study in your textbook. You have to make sure that you pick a case study that you have not done before. Please make sure to include your headings.

Introduction?Explain the case study the facts.

Body of Paper?This is where you state the different ethical theories, strengths and weaknesses, which theory you choose, why you choose that theory, what would you do, do you agree with what was done.

Conclusion?Summary of what you told me in the paper.

Do not forget your citation as you are using the textbook and any other materials to help you write your paper.

Look at the case study. Find the conflict. Look at the case study from various perspectives. Choose a way to resolve it? Analyze it by how you personally see the world.

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