business ethics in general and its relation to Aristotle

*business ethics in general and its relation to Aristotle**

General Format Guidelines
a) Use your first paragraph to provide an outline statement of the argument you will be making in the
paper. Some general reference to a specific argument of another author (think of him/her as your
, as in fencing) is necessary. It may be helpful to think of this paragraph as the paper’s
; it should have between 50 and 100 words but no subtitle.
b) Divide the rest of your paper (e.g., in a 5-page paper, just over 4 pages; see #3 below) into two roughly
equal portions: the first one for a properly referenced descriptive explanation of the chosen
textual evidence (and, if required, some relevant scholarly literature) on the question selected, the
second one for a the best defence you can make of your own thesis. Note that your own argument
will need to refer to an idea (or maybe two, but no more than two) already presented in the first
of these parts, and, if necessary, even a short elaboration of it (or them) for further critical
discussion by you, but in no case should other authors and their ideas be introduced in the second
part of your paper. Each of these two main sections should have its own subtitle indicating its
general content; it shouldn¢t be a strain on your creativity to avoid dreary subtitles such as
‚¬ËœSection One: Other Authors Section Two: My Position, and Section Three: Reasonable
Objection and Plausible Reply.
c) Reserve the final paragraph (again, between 50 and 100 words) for your best estimate, based on your
own research findings (as embodied in your own argument), as to how those findings help to
increase our understanding of what involved in the particular question you selected to write on,
or to formulate an important philosophical recommendation for something or other. Avoid
simply summarizing what’s been said in the paper, since it is understood that anyone who does
not remember what’s been said can just re-read the first paragraph.

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