Business Brief: Franklin Fan Company

Action Items
1. Review the Brief Rubric ��� Franklin Fan Company-Inventory Brief Rubric.
2. Read the Franklin Fan Company-Inventory Management case.
Case Background: You are to take on the role of Sue McCaskey. Address your brief to Dan Block and Ed Spriggs.
3. Download the 5-Step Critical-Thinking Decision-Making Model.
a. Complete Step 1: Identify the problem(s) and uncertainties based on the assigned problem.
b. Complete Step 2: Obtain Information addressing the problem(s) from Step 1 and the following:
i. Prepare a detailed report on managing the inventory of the CF151 ceiling fan.
ii. Prepare a detailed report on managing the inventory of the PF032 personal fan.
iii. Present a proper inventory system and recognize all relevant costs.
iv. By how much do your recommendations for these two items reduce annual cycle inventory, stockout, and ordering costs?
c. Complete Step 3: Make predictions about the future on the matrix.
d. Complete Step 4: Make decisions by choosing among the alternatives on the matrix.
4. Review the Business Brief Guidelines and Sample Business Brief for correct MBA Business Brief formatting.
5. In Business Brief format, write a one-page analysis incorporating the following:
a. Business Brief header ��� The first half of opening paragraph is to provide a synopsis of the company. The second half of the opening paragraph is state the problem (From Step 1 of the model).
b. Analysis header ��� The analytical section should be based on your personal assessment of the information you obtained from Steps 2 and 3 of the model. Provide only key relevant information and logical discussion in support of your findings.
c. Conclusion header ��� This section should state your recommendation based on your analysis of the case information and situation outcome. (From Step 4 of the model). Your recommendation should be supported by your analysis section.

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