Assignment on qualitative methods Functional food/report

1. Functional food is an interesting topic, do you know what the term means?
2. Do you think it is a processed food e.g. deliberately enriched with vitamins or whether the product
functional in nature (e.g. fruits and vegetables)?
3. Where can you find information about functional food?
4. What do you think could be the difference between functional food and ordinary food?
5. Do you know how functional food is developed?
6. Can you overdose on functional food and what would be the consequences?
Recording of first respondent.
1. Yes, I had it plenty of times at the Uni, when I was studying.
I know few things about it. But the main thing functional food is the food is different than ordinary
food because it gives you extra health benefit when you eat it.
It is really common in like sport nutrition now with early babies foods, military and other stuff and
gives us extra health benefits.
2. It is both, plenty of food is occurring naturally in the world flaxseed like even avocado can be
used as functional food and topinambur and other stuff like this. (so this)
We can basically, even what I was reading today, flaxseed you can feed animals with flaxseed and the
meat can be functional food and is a bit mixed.
Like half part of it is processed so we trying enriched the food but GMO as well (and not only but
mostly , I do not know)
As, I said it is gonna be both, it is gonna be GMO, it is gonna be the only food enriched with
vitamins, so basically it can be even coffee, which we add viatmins to it or different kinds of food.
3. Basically, nowadays the easiest thing is an internet. We can find all the articles but you have
database from University as well you can find all the newest researches. We had access, when I was
at the Uni, we had access to library which show new researches.
So mainly of course libraries have plenty of book about, but I would go mainly to internet.
4. The main difference is that you can see health benefits from using the functional food but that
only health benefits. It can be even for instance when you are using in the nutritionist then like even
the caffeine can put up your endurance so it can give you better results in sports so it can give you
health benefits. What else, it can be diet supplement it can help loosing weights. I am sure big part
of it is feeding like babies better nutrients as well and mothers of course when they breast feeding.
So basically, It is always gonna help you and the ordinary the same you can eat only calories so
basically you need to burn fat food without extra���
5. Of course you need to start with research. You need to know with what to add to food to which
kind of food.

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