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Make sure you read the questions first! That way, you can take good notes while you watch the movie.Use information from the textbook to help justify your answers.You will be graded on your understanding of the material in the textbook and the relationship of this material to the plot and characters in the film.Remember, this is a sociology course. Your task is to describe the behavior within the context of sociological concepts.Write your responses in complete sentences. Your answers to each question should include 5-10 sentences, and the word count should be in the 125 to 250-word range.When using source material, you must properly document it using APA format. (See announcements for details on APA.)

Directions: Most people watch movies for entertainment without realizing that the characters and plots often provide valuable lessons about human behavior. These lessons may be located in some of the most surprising films. Answer the following questions on social groups, leadership, andsocial deviance and control by using the movie, A Bug’s Life (Walt Disney/Pixar), as the basis for your answers.

Movie: A Bug’s Life (Walt Disney/Pixar). Please click the following link to watch the movie: A Bug’s Life

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Running Head: A BUG’S LIFE 1 A Bug’s LifeA Sociological Perspective A BUG’S LIFE 2 1. (Social Groups) Briefly describe the ant colony by using the following sociological concepts.Be sure to…

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