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Write 1 page essay on the topic Pablo Picasso and Truth.

The essay “Pablo Picasso and Truth” will help to understand obvious aesthetic appeal of Picasso’s painting and his revolutionary use of Cubism. The meaning of Picasso’s work was not to spark social debates on how an artist expresses himself and what influence he has, but about a perspective on the way that he views the life. There are artists who have drawn inspiration from mundane lifeless things and tasks that do not necessarily represent their lives. Instead they have created art based on how they feel at that particular movement. The ability of a painting to evoke feelings and emotions, whether realistic or abstract is the whole purpose of an artistic endeavor. I believe that is why Picasso asserts that when he completed the painting, unlike other paintings, he was drawn to the aesthetic feel and allure of the art form. In addition, I don’t agree that the painting is an autobiographical account of Picasso’s life but rather it is an appreciation of the form of voyeurism (both male and female spectators). Despite the life size presentation of the painting, it is meant to recognize the female form and the power that it has on not only men but women alike. This appreciation is further highlighted by the fact that the young women are dancing and are standing in front of a window, as if the audience is peeking through a glass to view and appreciate the women in their authentic form. The representation of the painting in life size form supports this assertion and that is the truth.

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