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Racial abuse is a serious offence and should be dealt with serious punishments.

In US the Hispanics are the largest immigrants. They migrated from the neighboring country Mexico And other Latin countries. Since these countries were not as developed as US and their socio-economic structure was on decline, many of the citizens were forced to migrate to US. In US, Hispanic immigrants have less education and less skill set, even among Hispanic women also. Apart from other groups these Hispanics have less human capital, so they have very less employers in their group and it is indirectly affecting their economic status and social environment also.

Gender inequality was always prevailed among the Hispanics. Since they were not the major community and further more they were immigrants, they had to face the brunt of racial abuse. One of the reasons of racial abuse was, fear among the US citizens was losing the jobs to these immigrants. Since the Hispanics were ready to work for fewer wages there always lies the danger of losing jobs.

Most of the Hispanics were less unskilled or semi-skilled. This makes them of losing jobs very often. This brings more responsibilities on average Hispanic women. Now she has to work outside to meet the daily requirements and look after the family.

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