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Technology and incentives are not aligned because technology deals with production issues, while incentives deal with human resources. Companies can offer reward for good work acts, while enforcing punishment to implement disciplinary action. Incentives can be offered as a way to motivate employees. Monetary incentives motivate employees a lot due to the fact that compensation is the number one motivator of employees. There a different types of control mechanism in organizations. Five types of controls are bureaucratic control, output control, operational control, market control, and culture control. Bureaucratic control is the use of rules, policies, hierarchy of authority, reward systems and other mechanism that influence the behavior of the employees (Barnat). Output control deals with measures of count. For example the number of units produced during a day is an output control. Market control is used to compare companies. An example of a market control is the prices of stocks in the stock market. Operational control is used to measure efficiency. Culture control deals with the organizational culture of the firm. Culture control can have both positive and negative consequences. Control is a much different concept than technology or incentives. Work Cited Page Barnat, R. 2007. “Bureaucratic Control” 5 May 2011 &lt. http://

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