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Since macro-brewed beers are likely to be less expensive than craft beers because of the traditional processes (Canestorp), craft beers would most likely attract beer aficionados who are more adventurous, and thus willing to spend more for beer. The craft-beer industry is steadily growing (McKinney) which is why it would be favorable to exploit local markets effectively while taking competition into consideration (15). SWOT Strengths Strong start-up (establishing local presence in a booming industry) Highly differentiated products Initiative for an online presence Weaknesses Weak brand image since it is still a small growing brew pub Inadequate promotional tactics Less experienced with food Only caters to a certain demographic type Opportunities Exploit the Internet and such other technological advances to strengthen the market presence Exploit other local markets Entrepreneurial spirit to explore on other product options Weakening industry for macro-brewers Threats Cash flow may not be strong enough for product exploration Growth of competition in the craft brewing industry Price competition Competition with established and highly profitable macro-brewing companies Government intrusions Works Cited Canestorp, Dustin. “Hawking the Wares – How Bartenders Sell Craft Beers.” ArticleBase. ArticleBase, 8 Jan. 2011. Web. 21 Feb. 2011.

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