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A careful consideration of the introductory part of the letter reveals that Fields had somehow known that her Italian lover had been being involved with another lady and had given her the ring of engagement. The fact that Fields’ parents had been opposed to the prospects of Fields’ marriage to her Italian lover may have further compounded Fields’ misgivings and worries about the relationship. These thoughts may have lingered in Fields’ mind and finally materialized in a dream. The reality of the Fields disapproving Fields’ marriage to the Italian may have informed the fact that in the dream, they are absent when the Italian’s brother brings a letter to Ms. Mary Fields, even though they (Mr. Fields and his brother-in-law) were present at the porch.

It is also true that the dream raises a lot of questions on the fate of the dreamer, in respect to his safety and welfare in the dream. Myths and common beliefs have always supposed that if something catastrophic, lethal or mortal happens to the dreamer in his dream, he will die in the real world, simultaneously. This belief has always been informed by the fact that in most cases, people have always awoken from their dreams by themselves or through the help of their bedmate or roommate just before the lethal or mortal infliction was made.

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