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Although the doctor is typically the ultimate decision-maker regarding patient care, he or she is not always held liable for errors or failures to diagnose. Do I believe physicians should be held liable when accountable? Absolutely. This care is a hard one to decide. With cancer being a 35% chance of survival, I think that when a patient is diagnosed with cancer and knows, they then fall into this emotional block of thinking that they will not survive. They then lose all hope because they now know that they have this disease and the condition could lead to worsening. I feel that by it being a very early diagnosis that maybe the physician wanted to watch the patient more closely. Although this is something that the doctors sometimes can’t prevent because it really depends on how the patient body react to the cancer. I’ve experienced this with a family member, when she was diagnosed and after she knew she lost all hope and the cancer was not that big. I do believe that the blanket release of liability for physicians is a good to have. Not only will it protect the physicians but also the hospital. We know that things happen and physicians are not always the cause of an error or failure. If I was this patient yes, I would want to know but at the same time sometimes there can be errors and when your quick to share news to someone about something you’re not sure of can really damage a person emotionally.

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